The petition accuses the BJP Puducherry unit gets data from the UIDAI, which oversees Aadhaar. aking a serious view of the request accusing the Puducherry BJP unit has accessed the personal notes of residents. It is such as the WhatsApp number and sending a campaign message. The Madras High Court on Wednesday directed the election commission to submit a detailed report within two days.

The court also observed it was a grave accusation. And the commission could not give it to the Cyber cell authority to investigate.

Does BJP use Aadhaar details for targeted election campaigns? Madras HC takes a serious view

Anand, President of the DYFI, has suspected that local BJP candidates have obtained cellphone numbers from India’s unique identification authorities and created a WhatsApp Booth level group in each constituency for targeted campaigns.

Many WhatsApp groups were formed in the UT using the same telephone number specifically targeting voters in each booth and each constituency through the message, declares the Petitioner. The Petitioner also says that he tries to reach the group administrator and to his surprise, there were 952 groups of WhatsApp with all the details of the voters of the BJP Puducherry Unit.

The applicant also accused that people have received calls from BJP with those who have access to personal details such as names, election booths, and constituencies where each will give their votes.

The Petitioner requested the court to form a special investigation team to investigate the problem and hold BJP candidates from Canvassing this way.

counsel for the Petitioner, during the hearing, requested for the interim order to stay from the court to direct party members to refrain from sending these messages. The council also said that some residents in the area have also received such messages.

Justice Sanjib Banerjee and Justice Senthilkumar Ramamoorthy observed that the accusation made by the Petitioner was very serious because it was related to accessing personal notes.

During the trial, Counsel for the Indian Election Commission says that the complaints from DYFI move to Cyber ​​Crime Cell for investigation.

However, the court recorded an observed submission, “When it comes to the ruling party, ECI cannot give it to Cybercrime cell when it confirms the advantages in all other things.”

The bench directed ECI to submit a detailed report on Aadhaar on Friday.

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