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Crimes were less when technology was less. Now, it has become a part and parcel of a human’s life. Crime is associated with an activity that’s Amerciable. Online Crime is a White Collar Crime becoming popular in these modern days after 2k. This is otherwise familiar as Cyber Crime. Find the Best Criminal Lawyers for Online Crime Charges and Issues.

Online Crimes in India

India holds the 3rd position in the number of Online users while China holds 2nd and US takes the first position. Offensive actions happening with the help of the internet are coined as Online crimes.

Common Online Crimes / Cyber Crimes

Activities like Identity theft, Stalking, Child pornography, etc that generally happen via the Internet are referred to as online crimes.

Find the Best Criminal Lawyers for Online Crime Charges

Types of Cyber Crime issues:

Multiple outlaws happen over the web. a couple of  online crimes are as follows;

I. Larceny of personally identifiable information (PII):

           PII refers to data such as name, date of birth, mobile number, address, security questions, bank details, security pin, etc. Hacking all this data is an illegal offense. A black Hat Hacker is a Person doing it for his own personal use.

II. Deletion of  secured documents by hacking a person’s laptop or desktop:

         Destroying a person’s original identity and morphing it or completing the deletion of the most important documents is an outlaw. It is also called Vandalism.

III. Harassment of lady:

  Harassment of a girl via Cyber is otherwise known as “Cyber Stalking”. Any man who follows a girl and makes contact with or tries to contact her for any reasonable interaction or any man who monitors the ladies with the utilization of the web, email, or another transmission shall be the offense of stalking. it’s punishable underneath the Indian legal code and Amendments.

IV. e-commerce Frauds:

     e-commerce fraud refers to a transaction. This Fraud has been done by stealing other person’s bank details, account pin numbers, and credit or debit card numbers. This type of fraud is more common in people working in the banking sector. Identify theft, phishing, and account theft happens more frequently. It is a punishable offense.

V. Child pornography:  

One of the foremost heavy online crimes is Child pornography. The rate is increasing at a minacious rate. Penalties dissent from moderate to severe. However, a conviction leads to filing cases and in severe cases, 25 years of jail.

Legal Remedies:

       Online crime rates are increasing rapidly. But, our Indian Law is very strong against all these crimes. One Must Contact a Cyber Crime Lawyer in Chennai High Court as soon as one become a Victim. You must be in touch with Criminal Advocates for Cybercrimes even if you are falsely put into trouble by Cyber cell Police. Let us have a look at the legal action for these types of crimes.

Section 354A

Three years of imprisonment and/or fine for sexual harassment

Section 354D –

3 years of jail for initial conviction. And even fined and Penalization for the second time with 5 years in jail. Shall even be prone to a fine for stalking.

Section 43 –

If someone With no permission of the owner damages to a laptop, ADP system, etc. he/she shall be at risk of pay compensation to the person therefore affected.

Section 66C

Whoever, fraudulently or deceitfully builds use of the electronic signature, word, or the other distinctive identification feature of the other person, shall be tarred and feathered with 3 years in prison and shall even be vulnerable to a fine, maybe 1 lakh rupees.

Legal services by Criminal lawyers:

       Criminal Lawyers are the primary face of the law. someone gets an issue due to an Online crime. Here he must contact a professional Cyber Crime attorney to resolve the issue. If the case goes to court, the Cyber Crime Advocates can represent their client in a court of law. Of course, his Criminal Lawyer can use their data of the law to persuade the court that the client is on the proper facet of the argument.

How to avoid the issue if you are a victim:

      Anyone can become a victim of online crimes. It is necessary to know a few preventive measures to safeguard ourselves from becoming victims.

  • Lock your electronic devices with a strong password and alter it at everyday intervals so nobody will hack it.
  • Always log out from any website or application once you have finished your work.
  • Use a secure website for browsing data and creating payments.
  • Never place your telephone number, address, and different data on an unsecured website.
  • Never mention the private info on social media and invariably create your account private and keep the info to shut friends solely.
  • Try to avoid using other phones or Laptops/computers for private use and if you are doing it, take away the browsing history and do logout.
  • And if you found something wrong, take screenshots and log the criticism as before long as attainable.

How to get rid of fake Online Crime charges?

         It is also important to be aware of the charges. Moreover, We shouldn’t become a victim of fake charges. It is good to consult one or two people before proceeding.

Find the Best Cyber Crime Lawyers in Chennai

Every growth comes with a number of blessings and drawbacks. It’s smart if we tend to use it with utmost care. In Fact, It doesn’t mean that we tend to stand back from this technology. Firstly, we should know the pros and cons. second, we should have full information on the specific technology. Meanwhile, half-knowledge of Online Crime remedies is always dangerous.

Legislation for Online crimes / Cyber Crimes

The Indian government has taken several steps and created legislation for Online crimes / Cyber Crimes. However these laws or nothing till we tend to use or report for the crime. Thus at last, never worry to take the required step and not be afraid of what society can say.   

Make an Appointment and Consult the Best Cyber Crime Lawyers in Chennai to avoid further legal issues.


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