Madras high court grants bail to a man who sold the baby. The Madras high court grants bail to a man who sold a baby in Trichy. He sold the baby illegally for adoption which was handed over to him by its father who was unable to pay his gambling debts. Moreover, On 3 January the court was hearing a bail plea for arockiaraj who was arrested by woraiyur in trich district. In the case of the prosecution is that Abdul Salam and his wife had four children. His wife gave birth to 5th male child recently, but Salam was unemployed and also involved in gambling.

Madras high court grants bail to a man who sold baby
Salam also has borrowed 80,000 from arockiaraj for gambling. He lost all the money in gambling unable to pay back arockiaraja money. So, Salam sold his 2 months male child to arockiaraj since he is unable to pay back arockiaraj money. Arockiaraj subsequently handed over the baby for adoption to santhanakumar. Based on Salam’s wife’s complaint the police arrested all 3 of them. Taking into account that the petitioner is not having any bad antecedents. In fact, The co-accused santhanakumar already has been granted bail for the offense. The court Justice K Murali Shankar granted bail to arockiaraj with certain conditions

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