52 years old took the defence of Juvenile: Supreme Court released a 52 years old man on the Ground of Juvenile, he was convicted of life imprisonment for the offence of murder. Being charged with Murder for 30 years and sent for undergoing imprisonment, after 10 years of imprisonment finally took the plea to the Juvenile that at the time of committing the offence he was 16 years old, only because of lack of knowledge and awareness of him and his advocate the defence could not be taken by the accused in an earlier stage of the case. 

52 years old took the defence of Juvenile
The Supreme Court accepted his plea and an enquiry had been set up by the Juvenile Justice Board regarding his age at the time of the commission of the crime the age proof certificates were proved to be true and the said person was released from jail on the ground of Juvenile.

Other Legal Info: Section 106 of Evidence Act Does not Shift Automatically to Accused